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Cup Concepts International, based in Hong Kong, is the
international sales and marketing arm of ButterflyCup.

It is a partnership between three companies:

  1. Dragon Link Hong Kong, a company with over 20 years experience in international sales, marketing and business development
  2. Kailai Packaging China, a leading manufacturer of paper cups that has been granted a license to manufacture ButterflyCup
  3. Hanpak Ireland, the inventors of ButterflyCup and company that holds the intellectual properties.

Butterfly Cup

Changing the world, ONE CUP at a time | Butterfly Concepts

For decades, plastic lids have been used on paper drinking cups, but that is about to change.
ButterflyCup eliminates the need for plastic lids and the associated splashes, leaks and drips, giving consumers a more enjoyable and relaxed drinking experience while helping our environment.



ButterflyCup is manufactured by Kai Lai Packaging, a large fully integrated manufacturer who controls every stage of the paper cup production process and can therefore assure the highest quality specifications from paperboard manufacturing through to end product. Kai Lai Group produces 100,000 tonnes of paperboard and 2 billion paper cups per annum, supplying many large international clients.


ButterflyCup saves the cost of the lid, reduces stock items, saves storage and counter space, speeds up the serving process, increases staff efficiency, reduces waste disposal costs, enhances your environmental credentials and brand image and, ultimately, saves you money and increases your sales and profits.


Cup lids account for over 100 tons of plastic waste per day worldwide! Each saved lid helps protect our environment! There is a further reduction in carbon footprint by reducing logistics, transportation and waste disposal requirements.


ButterflyCup has worldwide patents granted for its revolutionary hot and cold drinking cups.

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Hot & cold drink cups

PE Coated Cups | Butterfly Cup


Hot & cold drink cups

BioPBS Coated Cups | Butterfly Cup


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BioPBS | Butterfly Concepts


Traditionally, paper cups are coated with plastic (PE) in order to make the paper water proof. Plastic coated cups are not compostable and are difficult to recycle. BioPBS is the environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper cup alternative to using plastic. BioPBS is produced from renewable materials (corn, cassava, or sugar cane). Paper cups coated in BioPBS are compostable at ambient temperature and biodegrade naturally in the soil into biomass, carbon dioxide and water, leaving zero negative impact on the enviroment. Paper cups coated with BioPBS can also be 100% recycled or composted in commercial waste dispoal facilities. BioPBS is certified for compostability in the USA, EU, Japan with international certifications including EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO17088 and TIS17088.
BioPBS is food contact safe and is certified internationally including by the USA FDA ( FCN No.1574), JHOSPA in Japan and EU10/2011 in Europe


ButterflyCup has partnered with PTTMCC Biochem to bring to the consumer a completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper cup.

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